The Stasia’s CutiePoos Experience

From Our Home To Yours

Hello! My name is Laura and this is my family. We have been breeding Cockapoos for 5 years now and we love it more and more with each litter.  We live in the middle of a beautiful 90+ acre farm, located just west of NYC and next to the Delaware Water Gap. We currently have just two pups in our home, Stasia and Såfina. The rest are loved and pampered in their guardian homes, an extension of our family. Our guardian homes are all close friends and family. All puppies are raised in our home or in our trusted guardian homes and are given much love and affection from the day they are born. We follow the Puppy Culture program for all of our babies. Our dogs are never placed in kennels and are each a part of our family. Our endeavor in breeding these beautiful multi generational cockapoos is to spread joy to other families by raising beautiful, happy hypoallergenic fur babies.

Stasia and Skyla teaching the pups where to do their potty business!

One thing we love here is forming friendships with our buyers so that they know and trust us and we know and trust that our fur babies are going to a good home. We send lots of pictures to our buyers from the day their newest family member is born! We like to affectionately refer to your purchase of one of our puppies an “open adoption” and truly love when our families return the favor and continue to share photos back with us through the years. In 2019 we had our first ever CutiePoo family reunion and we all loved it so much, we hope to continue this new tradition for years to come. Unfortunately, due to covid, we now schedule dog park reunions in NYC, CT and MD. It is important to us that your family know, that we are a breeder who will continue to be available as a resource for your family.

   What we offer our buyers/ The Stasia’s Cutiepoos experience 

After filling out the application on the Questions We Have for You page, if we feel you will be a good fit for one of your pups, you will be placed on our notification list. Once your name is on the notification list you will hear from me when one of our Mama pups is expecting. If the timing works well for you I ask you to kindly respond to me as soon as possible as the spots will fill up quickly. At this point we will schedule a phone interview to get to know each other better and discuss what to expect during the next several weeks. This is a very exciting time for our buyers and we very much look forward to sharing all the special moments with our forever families!

At 3 weeks old I begin pellet training your pup, this is laying the foundation for ease in house breaking your pup when you bring him home. At 4 weeks old I begin adding space to their pen and put a small puppy crate in with them as a soft place to lay and snuggle, the door is always kept open. We begin crate training at 6 weeks old by closing the crates with 2 or more pups in a crate at a time for an hour or two. Conditioning them to not fear their crate. By 7 weeks they each have their own crates and I begin crating them for part of the night. They now also go outside every 3-4 hours to go potty during the day.

Each pup leaves us with their own crate, a blanket and toy that they have slept on for weeks and also some samples of Nuvet. Nuvet is an amazing vitamin we begin giving the pups at 4 weeks old.

Payments and Purchasing Your Puppy

Payments are to be made in 3 increments.

Puppy Hold Deposit: Once the puppies are born and we can ensure you a furbaby from the current litter, an deposit of $500 is to be made at 3 weeks. This deposits is non-refundable and will be applied to the total purchase price of your puppy. Deposits ARE transferable to another litter. No monies will be refunded under any conditions. A deposit holds all sales of your puppy.

Final Puppy Payment: The remaining balance of $3500+ tax is due when your puppy is 6 weeks old, unless you prefer to bring cash at pick up.

*Please note* Stasias CutiePoos reserves the right to have first and/or second pick from all litters.

Puppy Visitation

Scheduled visits from our buyers are welcomed. However, please understand that young puppies are susceptible to illness and the health of our dogs is our top priority. Because of this, we do not allow visits until after the pups are 6 weeks old and have had their first vaccinations. Upon entering the house, you will be asked to remove your shoes and wash your hands. This may seem excessive, but illnesses like parvo can be deadly to our puppies and, with so many families wanting to visit, we must take precautions. We also ask that you not visit other breeders/pet stores/ dog parks/sick friends etc. before coming to our home. Please reschedule if you, or someone traveling with you, is not feeling well. Human ailments, such as strep, can be passed on to dogs. We must put the safety of our puppies first and foremost.
If you are too far to travel for a visit, rest assured, we will send you MANY pictures, videos and updates on the puppy you choose so that you may get to see and know all about him or her.

Are You A Good Match?

Of course your puppy will experience some stress and emotional upheaval having just left his family. Please be sensitive to this. Your baby will need some time, comfort and patient reassurance during this adjustment. You may find that your puppy sleeps better in his crate, next to your bed, where he can see and hear you those first few nights. You will also find that he needs more of your time and attention. Cockapoos are not a breed to be left alone all day, particularly when they are puppies. They are family dogs and they require family time.

As our puppies depend on us to find good matches for them in regards to their new families, we allow 1 week in your home for you to find if your puppy is a good fit for you and your family. You may return your puppy within 7 days. However, upon returning, you will forfeit 50% of your total purchase price.  Please review our Terms of Sale and Health Guarantee BEFORE sending your deposit or full payment.

If you cannot keep your puppy at any time thereafter,  he or she is welcome back in our home. There is no reason, or excuse, for one of our precious pups to ever end up in a shelter! However, there is no refund for return after the first week. Please contact us if you cannot keep your puppy.

Thank you,