Our Girls

*All of our dogs are fully health tested using PawPrint Panels or Embark and OFA Patella Certified*

Willow is cleared by parentage as both her parents, Lucy and Seb have been Embark tested and cleared.

Willow’s Embark results

Samantha’s Embark results.

Såfina’s Embark results

Maple is cleared by parentage. Please see Sage and Sebastian’s results (her parents) for Embark details.

Molly’s Embark results

Upcoming Mama’s in 2023 not photographed for the website yet are Charli (Lucy’s Daughter) and Serenity (Sage’s Daughter)

Our Retired Mamas….

Sage’s Embark results

Anastasia Marie (StAsia)

Our first Mama, Anastasia was born on May 1st 2014. She is 16 pounds and her coloring is called apricot.  She truly is the baby of our home and we love and adore her. Her temperament is so loving and affectionate, and always eager to please.

Family Tree!

Stasia is the Mama to Sage and Lucy. Both are retired and both had different fathers. Sage is Sebastian’s daughter and Lucy was the daughter of an outside stud, Fudge. Both of Stasia’s daughters are now retired, but we kept two daughters from each of them! Maple and Serenity are Sage’s daughters, while Willow and Charli are Lucy’s daughters. All 4 girls have different fathers. All our other Mama’s are purchased from outside breeders not related to Stasias CutiePoos at all, except for Molly, who was the daughter of Seb when a separate breeder used him. She looked so much like Sebastian’s Mama, I just had to have her!