Guardian Homes

What Is a Guardian Home

I use guardian homes so I can further my breeding program without having too many dogs in my own home. We believe that all dogs should be part of a family. Guardian homes enable breeding dogs to live one on one with their family while they are participating in my program.  They are loved and cared for by the same family they will be living with when they retire.

I only place dogs with guardians that are friends or family members that I know and can completely trust with the care and wellbeing of our pups. I do not place guardian dogs with strangers. Each of our guardians has either experience with breeding or has been thoroughly trained by myself. I am there the day the pups are born and check in at least once a week, in person, to capture photos and videos of the babies as they grow. I also chat or text with the guardian on a daily bases to be sure that everything is going as it should be.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our guardian program and your future puppy from it, please reach out and I will happily answer any questions you may have. The only drawback with our guardian programs is it is impossible to do nightly tuck in stories on instagram while the pups are in their guardians care (up until 6 weeks). This will be the case for all of Sage, Lucy, Willow and Maple’s pups. Såfina, Sammy, Molly and Charli will come and stay with us for delivery and whelping.