Application & Pricing

Price per puppy is $4,000 + tax regardless of gender or markings. This includes a $500 deposit. Balance is due at 6 weeks of age if paying via check. Balance must be paid in cash at pick up if payment is not made prior.

*IMPORTANT* – All deposits taken for a puppy are non-refundable. However they are transferable. Please do not place your name on 5 different waiting lists and expect to get a refund if a pup becomes available sooner with another breeder. Only submit an application if you are prepared to wait 9-12 months for one of our puppies.

Before answering the following questions, please be sure to look over The Stasia’s CutiePoos Experience and also our Waiting list to be sure the slot you would potentially be taking on our waiting list works for your timeline as to when you would like to take home a puppy. If inquiring about petite goldendoodles please see the website for New Hope Doodles.

Thank you for taking the time to read over our website and fill out each of these questions. I try to respond within 48 hours. Once we arrange a phone call I would love to discuss any questions you have for me.