Our waiting list is open for this coming years summer and fall litters!

A Cockapoo has a lifespan of 15-18 years. Please think ahead and make sure you are as confident as you can be that you are going to still be able to provide a loving and nurturing home for a puppy 15 years from now.

Sweet baby Apricot Parti

Before answering the following questions, please be sure to look over The Stasia’s CutiePoos Experience.

Please copy and paste the following into an email to :

1. Name:

2. Phone Number:

3. City/ State:

4. How did you hear about us?

*If you follow us on Instagram, what is your IG handle?*

5. Do you own your home or rent?

6. Does your home have a yard and is it fenced in?

7. Are there or will there be any children living in the home? Kindly provide their ages if so.

8. What is your daily schedule? How long and how often will the pup be left home alone?

9. What is you and/ or your spouses/ significant others occupation? How long have you worked in this occupation?

10. How often do you and your family travel? When/ if you travel where will your pup stay?

11. Do you have a color, gender or size preference?

12. Have you ever owned a dog or raised a puppy before? Why have you chosen a cockapoo pup?

13. Underbites can be common in Cockapoos. However most pups you can’t even tell they have an underbite unless you look in their mouth. An underbite will have absolutely no affect on the pups health or ability to eat. Will an underbite bother you?

14. It is important to me that I only sell puppies to smoke free homes, so please do not ask to purchase one of our puppies if it will be exposed to smoke in the home OR car.

15. Have you read over the Stasia’s CutiePoo Experience and checked the waiting list to be sure the timeline works for you and your family?

16. Lastly, when in the next few days would be a good time for you to connect on the phone?

**I look forward to speaking with you! Please take the opportunity to ask me all your questions during our call, once scheduled. Talking cockapoos is my FAVORITE!!